Coronavirus Response


Following the CDC guidelines, as well as local village ordinances and Milwaukee Archdiocese recommendations, we at Holy Family and Saint Robert are trusting in the Holy Spirit, as we did a year ago. These are the ways we are moving forward:

  • We ask people to process to receive Holy Communion.
  • Face coverings are not required.  However, Per the Archdiocese, anyone who is a Eucharistic Minister, must still wear a Face covering when distributing Communion.  Please follow the CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons.
  • We won’t ask parishioners to leave the kneelers down or sanitize the pews after Mass. However, the sprays will be available for your use, if you chose, to clean before/after Mass.
  • If you have any Covid-19 symptoms, please stay home!

Parishioners are urged to sign up for our Parish email newsletter, which includes messages with the latest information from Fr. Enrique. Among other things, the newsletter is much more suited than the weekly Bulletin to distribute rapidly-changing information! Please use the link in the orange box at the upper right to sign up.

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