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What you should know about COVID-19 to protect yourself & others

What you can do if you are at higher risk of severe illness


(Revised 6/25/2020; Mass dispensation extended until August 3)

Some Weekday Masses Have Resumed

Starting June 16th we will have two Masses a week at each parish. We started June 16th with Masses at Holy Family on Tuesday and Thursday, and Wednesday and Friday at St. Robert. They begin at 8:15 am as usual.

Sunday Masses

Public Sunday Masses at our two parishes will be the (Sat) 4:30, (Sun) 8/8:30, 10:30/11:00 & 5:30 pm, as usual. Attendance at each individual Mass is limited to no more than 25 percent of our Church’s capacity: For both parishes that is a little over 200 people, which we will enforce.  The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is dispensed through Monday, August 3. We will continue to record Sunday Masses, however we will not live-stream them. If you are 65 or over, we encourage you to use your own discretion regarding whether or not to attend Mass.

  1. All ministries will be directed through June by the Priests: Fr. Ray for Holy Family and Fr. Enrique for St. Robert. However, saying Mass each weekend, the Priest will shift from Parish to Parish as usual. This means if you are doing a ministry the person directed by the Priest will send an e-mail to you directly.
  2. Bringing communion to our home-bound and shut-ins from Mass is forbidden until July, including the sick unless near death, this includes from our Eucharistic Ministers.
  3. Teams for cleanup will be set up for each Mass with one director for each Mass


Directives for this returning to Mass at St. Robert:

  1. First and foremost, if you have a cold or are dealing with ANY sickness please stay home.
  2. Enter two side front doors of the Church.The two side front doors will be propped open to enter.
  3. Please use sanitizer in vestibule before entering main body of the church
  4. Once in the vestibule: enter church through the side aisles doors when going to the pews, upon entering the pew move to the middle.
  5. Walk to the pew that is open closest to the front. Front pews are filled first moving to the back. You will be asked to move if you sit in back pews first.
  6. No walking around the Church once in the pew. If you have little children that need to move back and forth we ask you to keep them at home for the safety of all our community.
  7. At Communion time: We ask the whole pew stand together. Ushers will come past with collection baskets followed by the Priest with Communion. Stay standing until the Priest has given communion to the whole pew. Then kneel or be seated when Priest moves on.
  8. Priest will end Mass with final blessing then invite the community to be seated as he dismisses pew by pew starting from the back. As you entered the pew so will you leave. Move toward the aisle you entered so both sides of the Church can be dismissed at the same time.
  9. Please no congregating out on the front steps of the Church. If you are comfortable gathering do it down the block or near your cars.
  10. Music is very limited: One verse entrance and Mass parts, all other music will be instrumental. Communion music is sung but for Cantor only because of the length of giving out Communion.

Other Things to Know & Do:

  1. Music will only be sung for communion and one opening verse. The Mass parts by the Cantor and Musician.  No Sung Gloria, Instrumental music for all the other parts and that is to fill in the space where nothing is happening for the community. There are NO worship aids or Song books in the community pews and there will be no intro of Songs. Musicians will go right into the music. If this worries you we ask you to wait before returning to Mass. The dispensation will be in place as well as recorded Masses until July 5th.
  2. Side doors and doors off the back parking lots will NOT be open. For Holy Family the Concourse entrance is not open from outside. For St. Robert we ask only the handicapped enter off west side door.
  3. Signs will be placed on entrance doors asking anyone with fever or flu-like symptoms not to enter the church.
  4. Communion will not be distributed by the Cup. Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet between people not living in the same household must be followed.
  5. Our pews will be marked with tape that can be used. It is essential as we come in the back doors that the front pews will be seated first.
  6. Frequently touched surfaces in the church will be cleaned and sanitized per CDC recommendations after every liturgy. We are setting up crews for this over the next few weeks. Hand sanitizer should be available at all church entrances. No physical contact during the Sign of Peace is allowed.
  7. Non-essential gatherings are suspended, including Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Post-Mass social gatherings/refreshments (e.g. Coffee & Donuts).
  8. All our Hospitality ministers and ushers will wear masks and should not make physical contact when greeting parishioners. No one 65 or older will be asked to serve in all ministries during June, even if you feel able. We need to follow guidelines set by the CDC. We will only have two Ushers and two Greeters per Mass.
  9. During June the Priest will be the Sacristan: No help needed.
  10. Bulletins will be online and also on a board at entrances of the Church. No distribution of Bulletins.
  11. After much consultation we are not going to have an alphabetical, numerical or other form of who attends what Mass. Take into account that at the 4:30, and 8:00/11:00 these Masses usually at or less than 200, plus loss of those who cannot attend will make it lower. These four Masses in the two parishes would be opened to seat people. We ask those who go to the 8:30 or 10:30 to maybe move to another time.
  12. Finally the use of face masks is encouraged. The two Entrance doors at each parish will be propped open to limit contact with door handles. We as the Presider of the Mass will give Directions for dismissal after Mass to provide an orderly exit with proper social distancing.  Attendees should be advised to wash their clothes following the service.

Thank you to all of you for following these directives so we are able to keep our church open during this time. Know you are all in our prayers and thoughts. Fr. Ray Guthrie


We need supplies! Nothing can be bought in bulk because of the present reality, and to be honest donations are down for very good reasons. This way each of us can donate one little thing. Here is what we are looking for:

  • Hand sanitizer bottles
  • Clorox or similar wipes and spray bottles
  • Paper towels (not rags, must be disposable)
  • Medical rubber gloves
  • Large garbage bags for disposing of items used during clean-up.

Thank you Sincerely!

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