Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups

Eucharistic Adoration

Join us for Eucharistic Adoration – precious time spent in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament – every Friday from 9:00am -9:00pm in our Parish Center chapel. Come for a few minutes or stay for an hour or longer. Our schedule of regular adorers is posted on the chapel door and in our Parish Office. Remember that the only time our Lord asked the Apostles for anything was the night He went into agony. Not for activity did he plead but for an hour of companionship.

Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a method designed to facilitate the development of contemplative prayer. In the Christian tradition, contemplative prayer is considered to be a pure gift of God. It is the opening of mind and heart – our whole being – to God. The source of Centering Prayer, as in all methods leading to Contemplative Prayer, is the indwelling Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The focus of Centering Prayer is the deepening of our relationship with the living Christ. A Centering Prayer group at St. Robert meets on Wednesday mornings at 9:15. For more information call Barbara Prendergast at (414) 964-1268.

Prayer Network

A network of St. Robert parishioners prays daily for intentions submitted each week. The Prayer Network could be compared to the four men who carried the paralytic to Jesus (Mark 2:1-12). Members receive the requests once a week unless the need is more urgent. If you have a serious need you would like lifted up in prayer, please submit a request.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Do you knit or crochet? Would you like to help someone in need of prayer? Makers of these special, hand-knit shawls pray before the shawl is made, pray while working on the shawl, and pray after it is finished. When completed, the shawl is given to someone in need of prayer.

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