Reflections On Faith

Reflections on Faith

A faith that is alive grows through prayer and reflection. This is a new page, where our pastors and parishioners share their thoughts on our faith.


As we look forward to the most unusual Thanksgiving Day of our lives w look backward to celebrations of all the years with family and friends. I am a great grandmother now and live in a building where many of us are older. Because of our vulnerability we are taking precautions we normally would not consider. We stay at home much of the time and juggle our work between here and our offices. This year we will spend the day with friends right here.

We are finding joy in a different way. Neighbors are helping neighbors and getting to know each other in a deeper way. We are finding joy in the present and in our memories of Thanksgiving Days past.

“Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go . . . “ . How many times we sang that song as we drove to the country for Thanksgiving Day with Aunt Katherine and Uncle Batt, or to Braidwood to be with the Moffatt clan . Aunts Nelle and Kate had prepared for days for the feast of all feasts. At our house in Dwight where  my mom and dad hosted  with tables laden with every goodie.  Then as the new families began to grow, our own included, we took our turns at hospitality. We cooked the turkey, duck, and ham, made the stuffing , mashed potatoes, vegetables and cranberries, baked the ; pumpkin and apple pies, and opened our doors to family and friends. In time our grown children and their spouses took over the tasks and we were included as loved guests.

This will be a very different Thanksgiving Day, still one filed with joy and gratitude. Gratitude that those of our family who have experienced COVID-19 have survived. Gratitude that they and  our family members in heaven, including our beloved grandson, Sam, who died this year will also be celebrating in heaven. Remembrance of all who have left us this year. Our nurse daughter will on this day , and every day, bring comfort, love and understanding to those who must spend the day in intensive care away from their own families. We look forward to Thanksgiving 2021.

Margadette Demet

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