Reflections On Faith

Reflections on Faith

A faith that is alive grows through prayer and reflection. This is a new page, where our pastors and parishioners share their thoughts on our faith.


“The past couple of days, I have witnessed a lot of pain in our community, and our neighboring community of Kenosha. After months of marches and protests calling for justice and reform after the death of George Floyd, the country witnesses another Black man, Jacob Blake, shot by a police officer. Events that followed have broken hearts, destroyed businesses, and taken lives.

Although I am not in the place to decide whether any of these acts are justified, I am in the place to listen and understand the reaction from the Black community. My heart has been torn apart by the agony, the oppression, and the division that still plagues our communities.

In these moments, my heart is reminded of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His sacrifice. As He carried the Cross to His dying place, He carried the weight of our sins. When nails were driven through His hands, He felt the pain of His people throughout all time. Along with the nails that were driven through His feet, was the sadness and suffering of the world. In the moments we are experiencing today, we look to Christ on the Cross. He is with us; all of us.

Not only can we find comfort in knowing we are not alone, we can find hope in knowing that in His death and resurrection, Jesus conquered it all. He has defeated sin, pain, hate, sadness, and suffering. He has given every human an inheritance to the Kingdom of Heaven – a place with only justice, peace, goodness, joy, and love.

When injustices happen in our lives, we can trust that the Lord will deliver justice, whether it be on earth or in Heaven. When we feel helpless, we must Hope in the Lord and ask Him to deliver justice and peace.

In prayer, I often find myself asking how can I uplift and stand with my brothers and sisters? One way is to join our Catholic Community in a Public Witness tonight, and weekly on Thursdays, for “Black Lives are Sacred Public Witnesses”. Please see the details on the event link here.

I invite you to join me, our Black brothers and sisters, and Jesus Christ as we pray for justice and peace.”

Caitlin Raether

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