Kinship Community Food Center

Kinship Community Food Center

Help Feed the Hungry at Kinship Food Center

St. Robert partners with the Kinship Community Food Center to serve the hungry at the St. Casimir Parish site.

  • Hunger drives over 11,000 people to Kinship Food Center each year.
  • One-third are children
  • One-fourth are elderly or disabled persons on a fixed income.
  • Others are hard working families (39%) who make a difficult decision between paying for food or paying the rent.
  • Twenty percent of households have members who served in the military.

Kinship Food Center Mission

The Food Center’s mission is “We come together around food to relieve hunger, improve lives and grow community well-being.”

Kinship is a choice pantry, which means clients choose which proteins, fruits and vegetables they prefer on 8 different food carts. It also provides fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and meat. Breakfast is offered and food distribution begins with prayer, as Jesus did before distributing the loaves and fish to the hungry.

You Can Help

The Food Center needs 14-18 people to help clients with registration, grocery selection, carrying bags, serving snacks, and clean up. Volunteers sign-in at 8:00am where they receive their morning assignment and hands-on training. The doors open for guests at 8:15am and close at 10:30am. Volunteers stay for cleanup.

This a great volunteer opportunity for families to participate in together!

Where and When:
Fourth Saturday of the month

St. Casimir Parish Site: 924 E. Clarke St. (1 block west of Humboldt & 1 block south of Center)

For more information, contact our Food Center Coordinators Michele and Bob Weinschrott, through the Parish Office, (414) 332-1164.

Or visit the Food Center website,

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