St. Vincent de Paul Society & Conference

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Meal Program

For the past 30 years, St. Robert has sponsored a meal at St. Vincent de Paul (formerly St. Gall) on the first Thursday of every month. We are in need of volunteers to prepare baked chicken, either as a monthly cook or substitute If you are interested or have questions, please contact Margaret Mathews Sankovitz at (414) 964-9138 or Thank you!

Cold Weather Warming Room

When outside temperatures drop to 10 degrees, Milwaukee’s St. Vincent de Paul Society opens a “warming room” for the homeless. Ongoing needs include:

  • Volunteers. We could especially use volunteers right after the evening meal to help distribute the blankets, change of clothes, and toiletries to our guests and then again in the morning around 6:30 to help with breakfast/cleanup. And, anyone who is available during the night to help our staff with supervision would be welcome.
  • Blankets, sleeping bags, sweatpants, toiletries, socks, underwear.
  • Financial Support.
  • Bag lunches, breakfast, soup, easy to heat up types of food. We usually serve the guests soup or something warm before they sleep, provide a simple breakfast, and a bag lunch to go. We welcome donations of food or volunteers to stay after the meal and help us prepare the food for the guests.

Please contact Jean Baumgardner, meal site manager, about volunteering or donating: (414) 339-5250 or

Got Used Furniture?

Gently used furniture and household items in good condition may be donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Please call Cindy at (414) 462-7863 to schedule a pick up.

Join the St. Vincent de Paul Conference!

Poverty exists, although perhaps hidden at times, in St. Robert’s neighborhood. Several times per month, the Parish Office or the Central Office of St. Vincent de Paul is contacted by people in our area in need of financial help. The St. Vincent de Paul Conference is St. Robert’s main outreach to people who are in financial need. Members visit those who ask for help and distribute gift cards to a local grocery store or bus passes, as needed. There is an ongoing need for more members to help with this outreach. Interested? Call Neal Pease at (414) 963-1098.

About those cylinders in church…

Loose change placed in the cylinders at each St. Robert Church entrance goes to our St. Vincent de Paul Society Conference and aids people in our area who are in economic need.

Who was St. Vincent de Paul?

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