Scheduling a Baptism, Wedding or Funeral


Call the Parish Secretary, (414) 332-1164 ext. 3010, who will put you in contact with the Pastor, who will then set a time and date and explain the needs for baptism in the Parish. Also at that time information for the child to be baptized, the parent/s and godparent/s information will be gathered. If you chose Baptism at a Sunday Liturgy there will be pews reserved for the family and friends.

    Pre-Baptismal Sessions for Parents and Sponsors/Godparents…

    …are held each month. Please contact the Parish Office (same as for scheduling a Baptism, above) for details or to register for an upcoming session.


    Prior to selecting a hall for your reception, please check with the Pastor, Fr. Ray Guthrie, regarding the availability of the date you are considering. St. Robert Parish offers many time slots for weddings per weekend: after 3:30pm on Fridays and starting at 11:00am and as late as 1:30 pm on Saturdays. The church is reserved for two hours for each wedding, with one hour afterwards for pictures, etc. Weddings are not scheduled during the liturgical seasons of Easter or on Sundays. Preparation for a wedding at St. Robert requires a time span of six months to one year. To make an initial contact, please call the parish office at 414-332-1164 ext. 3010, or use this contact form.


      To schedule a funeral, please call the Parish Office, (414) 332-1164 ext. 3010.

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