Ministries & Service

Ministry At St. Robert

St. Robert strives to build community and engage parishioners through a variety of ministries. Areas of ministry include liturgy and music, human concerns, social justice, stewardship, hospitality and parish administration. We encourage all our parishioners to consider whether their calling includes active participation in a ministry such as:

Please feel free to contact the Parish Office for questions and further information.

Safe Environment

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee and St. Robert Parish are committed to maintaining safe environments for children to learn, pray, and grow, Our Safeguarding & Safe Environment page contains information on requirements every lay minister and volunteer working with minors in our Archdiocese are required to meet. If you are contemplating volunteering in a ministry that works with minors, please review the information on that page. If you are concerned about protecting children, or offering outreach to victims or survivors, here are ten tips.

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