Stewardship of Time and Talent


Our parish ministries require not only your financial support, but also your participation, to create a vibrant faith community that lives the word of God by reflecting Jesus’ actions. Your dedicated service is much-needed and appreciated in many ministries across the Parish. Please take the time to look over our “Ministries and Service” pages, and consider how you might make a difference in the Parish community, or more generally.

Every year during November, we conduct a “Time and Talent” campaign. Our Announcements page will have the details during October and November. During the campaign, you may volunteer online by clicking here. But feel free to volunteer at any time! If you see an opportunity to share your time and talent, contact the Parish Office, (414) 332-1164, or email

May you share the Good News of the Risen Lord by glorifying Him with your gifts of time and talent!

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