Stewardship of Time and Talent


Our parish ministries require not only your financial support, but also your participation, to create a vibrant faith community that lives the word of God by reflecting Jesus’ actions. Your dedicated service is much-needed and appreciated in many ministries across the Parish. Please take the time to look over our “Ministries and Service” pages, and consider how you might make a difference in the Parish community, or more generally.

Every Fall we conduct a “Time and Talent” campaign. Our Announcements page will have the details. But feel free to volunteer at any time – If you see an opportunity to share your time and talent, contact the Parish Office, (414) 332-1164, or email Or, if you see one of our ministry leaders around the campus, ask them about the ministry. We’ve included a photo gallery of our current leaders on the Ministries & Service page.

May you share the Good News of the Risen Lord by glorifying Him with your gifts of time and talent!

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