Faith Formation

Faith Formation

No matter what stage of life we are in, we are always growing…and, as Christians, we’re always growing in our faith. Here are some opportunities for growth through our Catholic community:

K-12 Religious Education

The Religious Education Program seeks to provide every student in our Parish the opportunity to experience a personal relationship with our Lord, and in that relationship with Him, discover the richness of our Catholic faith and learn to live as His disciples.

K-12 Religious Education Page

Young Adult Ministry

St. Robert helps young adults grow in faith by hosting Cor Jesu in cooperation with Arise Milwaukee every Wednesday evening, hosting the John Paul II House of Discernment, and hosting missionaries working for Panther Catholic and Brew City Catholic.

Young Adult Ministry Page

Adult Formation – Second Tuesdays

Second Tuesdays is a new adult Faith Formation program. On the second Tuesday of the month, our Pastors will be hosting evening sessions covering a topic significant to our Faith. Here’s a message from Fr. Enrique about our upcoming Second Tuesdays presentations:

“One of the responsibilities that I share with all priests, is our duty to teach. We priests teach in many ways, and sometimes we delegate that duty to others (i.e. teachers and catechists) One thing that I have recognized now as a priest is how “little” our people know about their faith. I do not know who to blame for the lack of knowledge of the faith: bishops and priests for not teaching it? Parents for not teaching the faith to their kids? Teachers and catechists for not teaching the faith well? I guess is a combination of many faults and factors. In light of all of this, we have to options: 1. Do nothing different or 2. Offer different opportunities for our people to know more about the faith.

We chose number 2. That is why we created the “Second Tuesdays” parish formation nights where we can learn together about our faith. This semester we will be teaching from Holy Family Parish in McCormick Hall.

  • This second Tuesday (01/11) we will learn about Sacramentals. Do you know why we use Holy Water? Or why we use candles? Do you know what’s a novena or a litany? Do you know what’s a scapular? Come and learn about the different sacramental available to us as Catholics.
  • 02/08 We will learn about why we follow the Sacred Scriptures and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Why not just the Bible?
  • 03/08 At the beginning of Lent, let us learn about the wonderful Sacraments of Healing
  • 04/12 Let us learn about prayer. Do you know how to pray? Do you want to learn about different forms of prayer? “Lord teach us how to pray”
  • 05/10 Let us learn about the Saints? Why do we pray for their intercession? Do you know who are my favorite saints?

Please come and learn a little bit more about the faith. Bring your questions so we can discuss about them. Everyone is welcome!!!
Fr. Enrique”

Prayer Network & Centering Prayer

Prayer is the central component of a personal relationship with God. Prayer moves from active modes – verbal, mental or affective – into a receptive prayer of resting in God. St. Robert offers Centering Prayer, a method of prayer, which prepares us to receive the gift of God’s presence, traditionally called contemplative prayer. It consists of responding to the Spirit of Christ by consenting to God’s presence and action within. It furthers the development of contemplative prayer by quieting our faculties to cooperate with the gift of God’s presence. There is also an established Prayer Network at St. Robert that continually prays for the sick, along with many other intentions from the Parish.

Prayer Network & Centering Prayer Page

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