Financial Stewardship & Fundraising

Financial Stewardship

Christian stewardship begins with Christ’s message of love. It is our willingness to combine our efforts and to share generously our material gifts to help our parish fulfill its mission which is Christ’s mission – to teach, to draw us all into a community of faith-filled people, to serve one another, and to celebrate our faith.

We cannot do everything or help everyone, but through financial stewardship we can participate and make things happen! Through financial support to the parish we all visit the sick; we all are involved in religious education; we all counsel the bereaved; we all teach in the school; we all make the sacraments possible; we all send the parish newsletter; we all help outreach projects; we all cheer on the Bobcats; and the list goes on.

We ask you to reflect on all the gifts God has bestowed upon you, and in gratitude return some of your financial treasure to the church. Consider the suggested tithe of 5% or, if that is not possible, work to it by beginning by giving back the first hour of your workweek wage.

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(If you’d like to contribute to the School, please use the link below, rather than the links on the page above.)

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Raise Right Program (formerly Scrip)

Purchase pre-paid cards for retailers you frequent on a regular basis, including stores such as Sendiks, Starbucks, The Gap, Home Depot, Whole Foods, Mobil gas cards and others. We buy the cards at a bulk discount, you pay face value for each card, and the Parish receives the difference. Order forms may be found HERE and cards will be delivered to school or the Parish Office. Want to place an order monthly? Find that order form HERE. You may also contact Kathy Wyatt at (414) 962-5691 or for information. Visit our Raise Right volunteers in the back of church after weekend Masses!

Parish Fair

Kick off summer with food, fun, games and live music! St. Robert hosts a Parish Fair on the first full weekend in June, around the time of St. Robert of Newminster’s feast day. Enjoy traditional favorites like an Irish pub, Mexican cantina, corn roast, Saturday’s St. Bob-e-que and Sunday’s chicken dinner. There’s fun for everyone, with a rummage sale, book bin, bakery, bouncy house and face painting! Check out the Announcements page in May for details!

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